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Linear Fox API Documentation

What is Linear Fox AI?

Linear Fox AI is a set of APIs made for researching and developing AI. This API includes our trained models and a third party ai models. Pre-trained text models, vision models, audio models, and also multimodal models! like the PaLM lang model or yolov5 vision model.

How to use AI APIs?

To use the Linear Fox AI APIs, you must have an account. Open an account here (opens in a new tab). If you already have an account, create an API Key in the security "settings" or use your account's cookie token to access the API.

Simple linearfoxai-python library git link (opens in a new tab) pypi link (opens in a new tab)

This library is still in development, we in very early stages of development. This just a simple code.

from linearfoxai import LinearFoxAI
class TestAI:
    def __init__(self):
        self.text_model = "vulpestra" # Use GPT, PaLM, Vicuna or our vulpestra trained models
        self.image_model = "yolov5"
        self.audio_model = "wav2vec2" = LinearFoxAI("YOUR_API_KEY")
    def test_ai(self):
        text = "Hello, my name is fargo, how are you?"
        image_path = "path/to/image.jpg"
        audio_path = "path/to/audio.wav"
        text_result =, text)
        image_result =, image_path)
        audio_result =, audio_path)
        print("Text Result: ", text_result)
        print("Image Result: ", image_result)
        print("Audio Result: ", audio_result)
if __name__ == "__main__":

By this library, you will call eaiser the APIs and its open source, you can contribute to it. We will add more features in the future.